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As countries around the world send supplies to West Africa to aid thousands of people infected with Ebola, crafty entrepreneurs are sending Ebola-themed novelty items to people looking to incorporate the deadly virus into their clothing and decor.

A search for “Ebola” on Etsy turns up more than 100 items, including earrings, a cutting board and this Ebola handbag, “because fashion is infectious,” according the the shop’s description.

Reached for comment, the shop’s owner, who calls himself “Shayne of the Dead,” explained his inspiration. "It was a ‘what will be hot’ this season type of thing," he wrote. "Looks like I was right. Ebola has caught the imagination of America. I mean it’s scary, comes from monkeys, and you bleed out of your eyes. Only a zombie apocalypse could [be] ‘hotter.’"

If you’re in the market for an Ebola T-shirt, there are plenty of options, from a “got ebola?” muscle tank to a souvenir tee sold on Zazzle that reads, “I went to Nigeria, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and Ebola.”

The product description for the latter explains that a new “craze” has arrived: “Hop on the hip new Ebola craze! Tell everyone you’re a world class traveler AND probably have a deadly communicable disease with this Nigerian souvenir tee!”



Why is this a joke to people?

if it was thousands of American lives nobody would do this.

if it was one White American that died from this, they would be blasted off the face of the world

4,000 Africans? It’s fair game